Why join 2bkids? How are we different from other networks?

There are many MCNs in the world, but what sets us apart is that we specialize in children's content on YouTube, as well as personalized advice through our certified YouTube professionals and free access to premium tools. We are one of the few networks whose channels are part of YouTube Kids, the YouTube application aimed for children, which is a new window of exposure for your content. Of course, we also offer all sorts of benefits related to channel optimization, increased revenue, and content protection as you can see here.

What requirements are needed to be part of 2bkids?

We study each of the channels that request to enter the network. This study is both quantitative (subscribers, evolution, reproductions ...) and qualitative (content type, originality, quality of videos ...) and based on this,  the decision is made on whether the channel is accepted.

How can I be part of 2bkids?

To request your entry in 2bkids, you must click on this link and login with your YouTube account
In a few days, you will receive a response from us. If your channel is accepted, one of our Talent Managers will contact you to explain all the details and resolve any doubts you may have.

If I join 2bkids, will I still have creative freedom?

Of course, you will be the owner of your content and your channel. We offer advice, but you are free to decide if you want to follow our recommendations.

If I am currently with another network, can I apply for 2bkids?

First, you must check your contract with the other network to see your date of compliance or if you can already request the unlinking of your channel. If you do not have permanence and the channel can be disconnected from the network, you can request your incorporation to 2bkids even if you are still connected to that network. We will conduct the study of your channel and in the case your request is accepted, we will wait for your channel to be disconnected to continue the process.